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29 chrysler model 75 steering wheel levers

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Guest martylum

Hi-I've reproduced the 2 levers which go on a late 20s early 30s Plymouth or Desoto and perhaps a Chrysler Model 65-66. Not sure if the 75s 3 lever setup is the same on any of these 3 levers. Try Verdone Casting with good pics of your levers or remains and see if they've made 75 levers. I may still have the lever casting which has a cross-shaped center to it if that sounds like your smallest lever which mounts just under the horn button.

The 2 levers on the Desoto slip over the upper end of the nested hollow tubes.

If you wish to see what my levers look like, e-mail me at: marty@oldercar.com

Martin Lum

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