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47 super convertable trunk trim

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Does any one know where I can get patterns for the inside panels for the trunk of my 47 super convertable, also a source for the cardboard backing, I need a medium brown, I already have the material.

Thanks Don BCA # 40498

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Mike; that would be great if you have the time, also what is used on the trunk floor, I have the "chicken foot" material I just need to know what panels are covered and which are not and the patterns, also did you have pipping put around the plain colored cardboard panels or do the material covered panels cover the edges.

Thanks loads Don

1947 56C

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Here are some answers to your questions:

The attached picture shows the finished trunk in my car.

The cardboard panels (there are 3 of them) do have piping sewn around the edges. The two side panels need to be carefully formed into the correct shape once they are cut from the flat sheet. The panel that covers the rear of the convertible top well attaches with several trim head screws. The side panel just sort of slid in place and a re retained at the bottom by small tabs that extend up from the trunk floor.

The original material in my car looked like some kind of burlap (I saved some for future comparison) but many cars seem to use the chain-link pattern material available through the Buick parts vendors. The trunk floor piece I made by attaching the fabric to a sheet of tarpaper and sewing around the edges. Same thing for the piece under the top well. The board that the spare sits on is also covered with the material.

Give me some time to find paper large enough to make the tracings on and I will get the patterns for you. Let me know if you need more clarification.


Mike Lawson


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