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Moto Meter Age & Identity Needed


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One book that I have just says "Goose - copy of Packard" which I know it is not. I believe it is an aftermarket accessory, but similar to Cadillac. Here are two similar caps. One has a similar base like you show and the other has the bird that you show.


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Thanks John, we can always count on you. Did the book mention producer or time period? The seller listed it as B & E Corp Moto-Meter. I wonder if that is the old Boyce motometer? I also can't find a B & E Corp but do find listings of G & E associated with motometers. Sure would like to find an advertisement or something from the time it was made that mentions this ornament that seems above average in quality.

Howard Dennis

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The red fluid is stuck very high up in the thermometer. Perhaps the car it was on got very hot at one time and it didn't come back to the proper level. It likely is ok though, and the fluid can probably be returned to its proper place by attaching a strong nylon cord about 3 feet long at the top, where the wing is thinner, and twirling it at a fast pace. I'd remove the cap if it comes off. Centrifugal force will do the job. I have used this cure on several Boyce Motometers. But be careful.

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