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Just posted this in the Me and My Buicks section, but I know some of y'all don't head over that way...

I'm fine, Woody (my son/ co-pilot) is fine. I'm just trying to sort out the details right now.

Uninsured motorist (at least that is what I'm allowed to call him on this forum), pretty much tried to drive down the entire length of my rig as I was heading for the powder coater.

The trailer is less than a year, the Tahoe is less than two months (to me, at least). Trying to figure out if I even have insurance on the trailer, may be an expensive oversight on my part. %$#(@. !!!

Gotta go, USAA is calling!


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Derek, TX auto insurance is "state controlled", plus mandatory vehicle insurance. In some places, if an uninsured motorist is stopped for a traffic violation, they impound the vehicle then and there, with the vehicle being released with valid proof of insurance ONLY. Got to have insurance to get license plates, too. I think it might now be illegal to sell "month-by-mohth" policies rather than monthly payments on 6-month policies. Still, there are way too many uninsured motorists on the roads.

I hope everything works out for you, Mike!


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So, this makes an even dozen times that I have been hit. USAA has been good to deal with every time. This is the first time I have merely laughed. At times, I have felt that there was a target on my vehicle. My mom said earlier "You are the best driver I have ever known, and this happens to you all the time".

I'm not going to get too heavy here, but I'm hoping that maybe since I wasn't threatening the other driver like I HAVE done in the past, maybe karma will lay off.

I have indeed learned an expensive lesson here. I didn't have insurance on the trailer. I'm pretty sure it'll cost $2k to fix. I'm not worried about the Tahoe.

Look, there is nothing I can do... Getting overly mad won't solve a thing. I'm just very thankful that me and my son walked away with nary a scratch.

FYI, a Honda Accord acts like a speed bump under a Tahoe. That sucker was totaled. I'm also lucky that I don't rely on my SUV for transportation....

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Dang Mike, that's a big load of SUX.

The funny ( not necessarily HA-HA ) thing is, my truck just got the right box side torn up on it this morning as well. IN MY WORK'S PARKING LOT! Surprise, no card left on it saying "oops hit your truck, I'm sorry, call me at---"

At least you got to meet the Cretin ( no offense to those born on the island of Crete ) that did it. I hope you growled at him/her a little. Maybe made them pee a little. :eek:

I didn't get to tell anyone what human orifice they most closely resemble. :mad:

How do we get rid of people like this?

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