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Stopping Better in a Zephyr

Mssr. Bwatoe

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New USA made "Lincoln" style

Cast Iron Finned Drum

Accepts 12"x2" brake shoes

$125 /ea

PN #1126L

New USA made Cast Iron Drum

Accepts 12"x2" brake shoes

$125 /ea

PN #1126

New Manufactured authentic replacement 1928 -1948 Ford

Brake Drums. New "Lincoln" style Cast Finned Brake Drum





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ok, I am a glass is half full kind of guy, but have been disapointed by many off

shore repop items...I have very few on my car..but new brake drums are probably the most worn item on any car....if driven...will these for for my stock 40, I see the hub is banged or pressed out of old drum..what y'all think??

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