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66 Buick Wildcat parts wanted


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there is a junk yard out in Lancaster, PA (it says you are from PA) called Grebels, but I am not sure of the spelling... I got my B-U-I-C-K script from there, they actually have a lot of stuff... I'm going on Tues, July 24th... I'll let you know<P>-ed

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I ran out to Grebels today...<P>1-TENTA: the script that says "B U I C K" for the hood is $20-;if you can't get there, and you want the script.. email me at oldskooln@aol.com to arrange something...<P>2-IDLESWED: Sorry, but I didn't see one 2dr Electra... plenty of 4drs--but isn't that how it always is?

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