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Open car show in Ames

Bill Stoneberg

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Guest wildcat465

A big thank you to Derek and Don, who put in many hours in the sun Saturday to help out with the Saturday Car Show. I would like to send a shout out to Mr. Meyer who is not a Gopher member but stood out in the sun for a couple hours as well. Troopers, all of you.

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A beer truck to keep the pipes wet & cool !!!! lol----

It WAS a good show-- Just very hot standing in that sun.

Hey, they do that on Golf Courses! :)

I loved the open car show, but was not convinced that having people move their cars to attend was the best method.

I'm not sure of the timing of the event, but if the option of donating $10 to Make a Wish for the open car show was on the registration form, I'm thinking a good portion would have contributed.

It would have been nice to keep all the Buicks together on Saturday and add the open car show to the mix.

Again, hands down, an absolutely GREAT national all the way around!

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I was a little confused about the Saturday show, and it is probably all my fault.

I thought all the Buicks were to stay where they were judged and the "other" cars were going to be in the Open Car show.

I made two passes through the show and at least half the cars there were Buicks from the National show.

I also thought with all the work Rick had done locally, we would have a huge turn-out.

If you subtract the BCA cars, I would guess there were maybe 100 non-Buicks there, sure a good number but I expected at least twice that amount and more money for Make a Wish.

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Guest wildcat62

We may not have had the turnout of outside cars we had hoped, but I got a lot of nice comments from those who came who stopped on the way out to say they enjoyed the show.

Thanks to those who worked and who donated!

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