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Engine ID help


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I need help identifying an engine from the teens. I have everything except cylinder block, valves and manifolds. On a crankcase boss the letters DXU are stamped with a serial number of 32475. The crankshaft is a 2 main bearing with a very heavy counterweight between #2 & 3 cylinders. I have enough stuff to make it worthwhile searching out the needed parts. I have the crank, cam, pistons, connecting rods, flywheel, oilpan, starter and generator. I don't need the engine, but perhaps someone out there might and this makes it worthwhile looking for the parts.


Jim Showers

1915 Madison

1916 Crow-Elkhart

1921 Stanley

1941 Packard 120

1947 Packard Clipper

1953 Packard Cavalier

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I can easily get the starter and generator info, however the engine stuff is pretty well buried in the Crow -Elkhart parts pile. I'll dig it out this evening and post pictures. I was hoping the engine model DXU would provide a clue.



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