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2010 PWD Aftertour (Iowa)

Guest BJM

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Sunday August 1 was the start of the PWD (Pre War Division) Aftertour. We joined with the BDE and caravaned from Ames to Boone Iowa and ate a great lunch at the Gigglin' Goat then went to the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad for a 2 hour train ride.

After this we reluctantly bid farewell to BDE members. We caravaned down to the Ledges State Park where we parked and walked a trail through the woods that offered views of the Des Moines River Valley.

Then we ate a BBQ supper at one of the outdoor lodges at the Ledges.

When all were satisfied we caravaned again to an ie cream shop in my hometown of madrid Iowa, which is a converted circa 1912 filling station. Finally, back to the hub city of Ames.











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I think the tour is being documented. John Scheib and Jack G are pretty observant.

Day 2 saw rain early but we went out anyway, heading to the Picket Fence Creamery. We received a lesson in Animal Husbandry and farm management before heading inside for ice cream samples. This is the high fat tasty ice cream with no additives.

We then headed to the town of Woodward for lunch and main street business entries including a cool old timey hardware store where Bill McLughlin found something he wanted and was a magnet for the guys. The girls went to Donna's flower shop.

The restaurant, Cayannes was a hit, located in an old general store, it feature a massive oak bar section, old town photos and period architecture.

Next we went to Prairieland Herbs for a quick tour and the ladies again loved this stop. The cars barely fit in the parking area but the intimate closeness made for some neat photos against a red barn backdrop.

After this stop, we headed to Madrid, drove by an unrestored "gingerbread" gas station circa 1925 enroute to our last stiop SNUS Winery.

At Snus, proprietor Diane Larson gave a tour of the ultramodern winery which was the exact opposite of the more earthy dairy and herb farm.

We sampled their wines and had an awards abnquet. Thanks to Randy and Gayle Dekker for bringing the awards.

We took the group back to Ames where they partied some more. It was an activity filled 2 days of touring the scenic Des Moines River valley and the not so scenic sorn and soybean fields.










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No way to thank everyone, but all folks on the tour contributed to our family's enjoyment of the tour.

One photo shows Bill McLaughlin taking some time to show photos of his trip to Africa to my daughter Abby. This inclued all the safari animals in their backyard.

Bill also needed a photo of his car in front of the Madrid Library to send to his friends in Madrid, Spain.

Thanks to The Swearingens for allowing Abby, Christine and I into the back seat of a 24 Buick Touring. Abby would not go back to a modern car throughout the tour, despite high heat and humidity.

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I guess Jack and I better get busy. I did not take any notes, except to help plan the tour after Danvers. But I will work on something.

I have just returned after continuing an "after tour" with our modern rental, to Lake of the Ozarks and Branson, MO as well as Eureka Springs, Arkansas as none of our party had been to those sites before and I thank the meet in Ames for providing this opportunity. I also want to thank all the touring group for allowing us to tag along with the rental car and for allowing us to share the tour with my wife and sister and brother-in-law. On behalf of them I want to thank you all and especially to Jake, Christine and Abby for being such wonderful hosts.

We will be starting on a plan for Danvers just as soon as I get some details from Jon Henry as to the other events and can blend in our plans.

Aagain, I enjoyed the photos from Jake and was surprised to see so many photos that were candid shots.


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Guest Rhinelander Rob

Jake and all,

The after tour was a hit! Thanks for putting it together and everyone who joined in the fun.


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Hey everyone,

I just got back from our local All Buick Show in Vancovuer WA. I saw Jack Gerstkemper who just recently returned from the BCA National and his other travels to the midwest. Jack presented me with my very much deserved PWD AfterTour "NO SHOW" award. Thanks, and congratulations to Randy Dekker too for making such creative awards.


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