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Pre-War Studebaker project

Guest oldstude

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Guest oldstude

Pre-war Studebaker Racer project. This car was pulled from a barn in Arizona about two years ago. I've got my first kid on the way so unfortunately it needs to go. It is now almost fully disassembled for restoration. The experts I've spoken with have helped me place the chassis to approx 1915-17 and the motor (Big 6?) as probably late 1920's. I have serial numbers and such that I can share. Frame in great shape, motor turns freely, all steering and front end accounted for. Rear axle is unfortunately from a 70's or 80's Ford though. Original body is gone in favor of a cool race fairing. Wheels (5) are steel wire from 1930's era. Hope it can find a good home. Please email me any questions and I can send photos as well. gniewenhous@hotmail.com

Located near Columbus, Ohio.

$3400 obo

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