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Decode help for a 1942


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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Jared:

Sadly. I couldn't get to Ames this year. so I saw your post today.

The numbers you give (1 4,279,336) are for a 1942 Special sedan model 41. It was built at Flint (plant code 1) about the third week of September 1941.

Trim code 50 is for Tan & Grey Bedford Cord, and paint code 5 is for a Verde Green car.

Regards, Dave Corbin

PS: How's your other 1942 coming along?

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Hi, Dave:

Thanks for the info, I saw the '42 for sale online in Colorado and was curious if it might be something special. By the numbers, he's asking waaaay too much. Anyway, my '42 finally found a home in a garage. No real progress has been made due to finances, but I keep acquiring parts as I see them. I'd like to start working on her, but my facilities at the moment are pretty restrictive. Just trying to keep her from further degregation until I can finally get my hands dirty.

Kind regards,


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