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Car and Engine Identification-Help Please

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Greetings all,

My story- skip this part if you want!

I recently came across what I thought was a great deal while looking for a family project car to restore. I found for sale what was listed as a 1927 Studebaker Commander. Having very little experience and just going with my gut instinct I thought why not it should be fun!

Well I have had a wonderful time researching but before I start anything I want to positively identify the cars. You will note that I posted Cars! When I went to purchase the listed car, there was another car, already in disassembly stored next to it with some paint work, etc already completed!

The thought was that one car had been purchased to provide parts for the other. I ended up buying both cars and several containers and boxes of Studebaker parts for $1500.00.

I was not sure but- felt that I had made a good deal!

Upon return home with my treasures and having started the long process of inventory of all the parts that where included, they filled a trailer, two pickups and a car hauler. I am now here posting for help.

I believe based upon my research,the titles are incorrect! They list the cars as a 1927 Commander and a 1922 4 Door Sedan

The first serial number is 4002781 - I believe this to be a 1928 GB Commander

The second serial number is 1303532- I believe this to be a 1926 ER Standard 6

The serial number from the firewall of the seciond vehicle is 25942

I have several numbers from the engines, straight 6's, but have not been able to determine which are correct for identification. I don't think they are correct as I expected to find something that starts with GB or ER.

Attached are some pictures for clarity. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!

Cheers and happy motoring!





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Hi Joe

according to the numbers given, the first car is a 1927 EW. The serial numbers start at 4,000,001 to 4,039,800 for the US & 4,954,404-4,955,391 for Canandian cars. Engine numbers start at EW 1 to 40,700

The second car is a 1926 ER Standard 6 serial numbers start at: 1,284,001 to 1,346,100 engine numbers start at ER 202,501 to350,001

Hope this helps


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The car pictured looks to be definitely a 1927 EW, the vacuum tank fuel system is native to that model. It has some similarity to the GB model that followed it. The GB engines used a mechanical fuel pump mounted of left side of block forward of the carburetor.

For reference I attached a photo of the engine in my 1928 GB Commander. The generator is off the engine in this image but you can see the serial number stamping pad at the right front top flange of the crankcase casting immediately rearward of where the vertical mounted generator stands.



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Thanks- it helps but now also confuses-

The car I thought I had correct is not. But at least I know that I have the second car confirmed!

I hope others will chime in and assist in clearing this up.

BTW, What list are you going off of. I have a list but also doubt its accuracy.

Thank you greatly for your help!


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Thanks Stude8- the whole car in the picture is the one with the second serial number 1303532- I believe this to be the 1926 ER Standard 6 as Chris mentioned.

The car in pices in the last picture is the 1927 EW as Chris mentioned. 4002781 - I believed this to be a 1928 GB Commander. It is a 4 Door sedan and resembles the picture you posted previously when layed out.

So can you Confirm the first and break the tie on the second-?

I greatly appriciate the help!


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I agree with the number identifications Chris gave in his reply.

#4002781 is a 1927 model EW Commander Six USA production

*that series of numbers 4000001 > 4039800 used engines numbered

as EW-1 through EW-40700.

#1303532 is a 1926 model ER Standard Six USA production

*that series of numbers 1202002 > 1346100 used engines numbered

as ER-202501 through ER-350001.

Your question of what list was used for this data? I have what I call my "Green Book" that contains all Studebaker production record resources from many different publications over the years, it is about 90 pages long now. In Fall, 1967 & Jan 1968 the SDC Bulletin #11 & 12 published all factory records by model and serial numbers from 1909 to 1930 and again later from 1930 through 1942.

The Antique Studebaker Club over the years since 1971 has covered all models of the prewar era and published the production model and serial numbers also.

I have an accurate list published 12-19-1985 that lists models by year, model, description (body style) and engine from 1904 to even AvantiII models of the 1980's. This I think was an SDC computerized project to decode all Studebaker production including automobiles, commercial and military vehicles.

If you scour the tables at fleamarkets you can assemble all this data like myself and others have over the years.


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Your response has been very kind and I appreciate your help.

Now to get the titles corrected to reflect what they really are.

I look forward to many more postings and hopefully such positive responses much like yours. I just decided to jump into the deep end of the lake and had never considered doing something like this until recently so luckily I can tread water.

I guess I will have to start attending flea markets and begin researching and looking and digging… again that seems like all part of the fun for this type of thing.

So I guess now the question is which car to start on- I am leaning toward starting work on the restoration of the 1926 ER.

Once again thanks to you and all who have responded to this posting!

Cheers and Happy Motoring!


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I would get a wire brush and start scratching thru the dirt around the engines to locate the engine serial numbers of both vehicles before deciding which one to resurrect first.

Your first post says the "serial number" on the fire wall of second vehicle is 25942, that is not a serial number, it is the body number which were sequencial from start of the production run of that model body. The chassis serial number is what identifies the age and model of the car, on the age cars you have it is usually stamped on a 3 x 5 metal plate attached to left outer frame rail directly to rear of left front wheel.

I don't know how your state DMV titles cars of this age, it was before the VIN system existed so they may simply use the chassis number or engine number so I would check what they want for accuracy. They may have a line for each number (chassis & engine) on the application.

No matter how you decide to proceed it is important to know the exact engine number for buying service parts in the future. At this age you don't know how many previous owners had the cars and whether they changed the engines out right during WWII with even a Studebaker engine? From the photo of the EW car the engine manifolds look correct so it is likely the right engine, serial number will ID whether it is a EW or later GB [*GB had first fuel pump, located on left front side of block ahead of carburetor location] yours shows the vacuum tank still in place so I'd guess it is an EW for sure.

The EW is a more prestigious car than Standard Six, the EW engine is 353.8 CID big six Commander model [75HP @ 2400 RPM] on 120" wheel base chassis.

The ER Standard Six is only 241.6 CID [50HP @ 2200 RPM] on 113" Wheel base chassis.

You will have more car in the end with the EW, but you can judge how much more work one needs over the other.


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Thank you once again for your help and guidance!

I am going to take a little time and do some more research before moving forward. I also need to do some work on my shop area to get it ready for the project to come.

I am in no hurry - just want to take my time and use this as a family project to bond with my teens and more importantly build some memories and have something to show for it.

I will keep posting as I move forward for sure!



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