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combination vale ( proportioning vale ) same


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Hi Guys: I'm in need of a combination vale / proportioning vale for the brake system, I cannot seem to locate anything I even have a bunch of parts web sites I get ( combination wrenches ) I have looked for hours and still can't locate this part. This also has an electrical wire conn. for the dash brake light if there is mot enough pressure in the brk sustem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!

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Hey all,Don't know if this will help ,but I did a google search for PROPORTIONING VALVE and came up with several results.Don't really have the time to do a complete search through the following site,but here is a link which includes an 800 # to call.Good Luck.Sometimes a call to your local napa or other parts stores is helpful .Happy Hunting.Here is the link;www.oehq.com/ :)

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