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American in Holloway, London.


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Hi Folks,

This is another that is puzzling me, so would request your help. Photo is a bit blurry and spoils if shaprened any more. Looks very Amnerican but was photographed in Holloway, North London (famous for its women's prison). The radiator seems to have the header-tank shape with parallel circular sides, relatively high but sharp non radiused frame. Cannot make out the registration so cannot give accurate year but looks cca 1916. Bit Buick-y or REO, and others. Help Please.


Vintman (UK)



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Hi NZ,

Thanks for the input. You do have a way of unearthing fascinating makes !! However, after further study I would guess it probably isnt. My books all show the Norwalk, of which the Stork Kar was apparently only a badged version , as having un underslung chassis. My photo suggests a conventional chassis. Also the header tank height is considerably greater than on the Norwalk.

None the less, please keep trying. Would appreciate other inputs too.

Thanks and Regards

Vintman (UK)

Classic Cars, Veteran Cars and Vintage Cars - The Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society

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