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s.f. bay area, need a good battery store


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hi, there's a friend who lives between san jose and redwood city, he needs to buy a new 2E 6volt battery for his 1950 pontiac, can someone help him find a good battery store or source ?, the last place he went to, sold him a 3EE 12 volt battery, and told him it was a 6 volt battery. thanks so much, charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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I got my last 6v battery at Bob's Auto Supply in Sunnyvale. They carry Interstate batteries. I don't know if they are the best, or even might be rated "good", but they are local to me and have been pretty helpful on parts for my old car. Don't have any idea about that particular size 6v battery, but I'd give them a call.

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Since this is a pretty unusual battery (and thus there are probably very few people making it), the fellow's best bet might be to research WHO makes 2E batteries, then determine the best one (for example, in terms of cold cranking amps, guarantee, and price) and THEN to determine the nearest outlet. (He can do that through the manufacturer).

Otherwise, he's phoning or driving to several recommended stores, each of which will have to find out if the manufacturer who supplies them, makes this battery. And that will take a good deal of time. Faster if he does the research himself, up front.

For example, I just googled "3E battery 6 volt" and immediately found this:


Good comparison of 6 volt types, and it gives cold cranking amps, sizes, etc. Plus, the phone number of the manufacturer who can give you the nearest outlet.

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