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Just to clarify, Chevy called them "Rally wheels" Buick called them "Road wheels", and the first ones in '63 (?) were called "Formula V's" <P>No one would know what you are talking about if you call them by the "right" name, so "Rally" wheel makes more sense. I just thought I would throw that in so you can dazzle your friends with BS. smile.gif" border="0

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Hey Martinsr,<P>Do you know the difference between the Buick "Chrome Plated Wheels" sales code V2 and the Buick "Super Sport Wheels" sales code V7? I think "Super Sport Wheels" first showed up as an option in '69 and were available at least through '72. I think the "V2" option was the chrome "Road Wheel", not sure what the "V7" option looks like confused.gif" border="0

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