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I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I was just wondering how many people from this forum will be present at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. The Woodward Dream Cruise > Home If you're going it'd be cool to know/see what kind of car(s) you're intending to cruise or park somewhere on Woodward in.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


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Weather permitting, I'll be down there every night of the week. I will likely be in my white '60 LeSabre, or with a buddy that has a yellow '66 Caprice coupe (formerly mine).

We usually find a spot somewhere between 13- and 14-Mile Roads, often near the Dairy Deluxe ice cream stand (just a few buildings north of 14-Mile.)

Hopefully "your" municipality's law enforcement won't be jerks again this year. It seems like every year---in the days prior to the official event day---there are stories in the news about the Royal Oak Police Department and their unfriendly and agressive policies against Cruisers.

(For the benefit of our non-local AACA forum members, I should explain that these policies center around the head-in-the-sand idea that there is no official event until Saturday, and therefore cruisers should not be driving up and down Woodward, and will not be permitted to park and loiter. To further intimidate the cruisers, many years there have been public threats that cars with "antique" or "YOM" plates will be ticketed if caught crusing prior to event day. Furthermore, there is extreme (i.e. "no tolerance") enforcement of every possible traffic law you can imagine. If you see a collector car pulled over on Woodward during the upcoming week, you can bet it will be in Royal Oak. What a shame, since R.O. is only one small community within the entire Woodward Cruise area.)

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I was going to take my white 1965 Falcon there, but I don't think that's the best of ideas just yet so I'll probably be just observing this years show. This whole week if it's not too crowded or poor weather I might go up in the Falcon throughout the week until the day of WDC. I'll probably be up at Woodward cruising around just to enjoy it whether the Falcon wants to run smoothly or not. (If not, I'll be in my red '99 Jeep Cherokee Classic) I hope to see ya there. :)

I usually don't stop, I just drive to drive.

As for 'our' police... Well, if it was my choice they wouldn't be ours. They're rude and inconsiderate. You can have 'em. Lets swap police. lol I know the police are usually really rude, but most of the people I know in RO hate WDC so chances are they're all rubbing off on the local police. Not to mention, they're always looking for a new bust so they can get more money in their pockets whether it's a cheap trick or not. Sorry if you've had to have a run-in with them. The only thing I can think or recommend is that you keep your head down, mouth shut and rubber on your tires when in Royal Oak because I've seen a lot of people get in trouble for doing absolutely nothing. At least if you're doing no wrong you might be able to fight it in court if it comes to that...

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It's Wed morning as I write this, and Monday & Tuesday nights were great out on Woodward. Excellent weather contributed to a great turn-out. We were out there in the white 60 Buick--Met lots of friends, and made some new ones.

One nice lady we met lived in Royal Oak. She and her husband came out to spectate every year, BUT they told us they never hang out in Royal Oak. They've just had too much of the RO police harassment, so they leave their convenient home location, and travel across the border to neighboring Birmingham. I found this particularly interesting since the lady's husband was a police officer in another community!

My personal beef is how every year something shows up in the paper about how RO police are on the lookout for people "mis-using" their Historic license plates. The claim they've made is that "cruising" is an inappropriate use for Historic plates, and that the plates are valid only during sanctioned events. Clearly, it has been an attempt to intimidate people from cruising Woodward prior to the actual Saturday event date.

Of course, their threats are hollow, as I've researched the topic with Secretary of State's office in Lansing, and Hagerty's chief legal council. And, as the RO Police Chief has told me personally....they have not yet written a citation against mis-use of Historic plates during Woodward Cruise week. (Thus indirectly confirming it is just another attempt at intimidation of Cruisers.)

Have you seen the T-shirts you can buy locally that have printed on them the list of Royal Oak traffic offenses and the cost of the ticket?.....That speaks volumes about the situation in that community!

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