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Big Jake

Safety Equipment Options

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In the battle to restore my truckk back to true OEM condition, I'm also trying to collect as many options as possible, I have many RPO and ADO that I've collected. Recently, I been on a safety option kick and have collection to options that are shown in the factory options brouchure. It took me a while to find these.

One is a reflector and flag kit produced by the Anthes Safety company. THis kit does not look like it was EVER used, how it has survived all these years is beyond me.


These pictures shows the flag in use.


The next safety option, I'm unsure of the history on. It is called anthes eletro-flair and from what I was told, it was designed to replace the more dangerous chemical magesium flairs carried by vehicles. But I can't seem to verify that piece of information. These work via battery and I'm in the process of restoring the case and internal working, so I can use them on Cruise nights.


If you have any information on these please frop me a note. Also I'd like to invite all members to post the many different pieces of safety equipment that they have for there cars and truck, so we can all learn from the exchange of information.

Jake Groby

Lacombe, LA.

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