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Nash Club Active?

Guest BJM

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I am a Buick collector but really enjoy reading about the Nash products and really enjoyed attending 2 auctions that were heavy on Nashes in the past 3 years.

I have an opportunity to purchase a 50 Nash Ambassador sedan for restoration and will be attending an auction in September that has at least 2 other Nashes I am interested in.

How is the Nash Club? How hard is it to get post war Nash parts and who are the Nash parts houses (businesses) I should know about?

Does the Nash Club have an on-line forum or is this the only on-line forum for Nash folks?

Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated before I leap into the Nash collecting world.

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Sorry no one has answered your inquiry until now.

The Nash Car Club of America is an active club of more than 1,300 members worldwide. They have a nice little magazine, and an active website with ads, a huge library, and a whole lot more.

You can take a look at www.nashcarclub.org

As for parts, well, Nash parts are not as plentiful as Buick parts, nor are there many vendors specializing in Nash parts. Still, for '50s era cars in particular, parts are out there, and with a little persistence you can usually track them down. The Nash Car Club is the network, so joining the club is the best thing you can do if you own a Nash.

Best wishes,

Jerry K

Nash Car Club of America member

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I've spoken to several actvie members of the Nash Car Club recently. Not only is the club active, but the members seem extraordinarily helpful and courteous.

I also get the impression that the club (and pretty much the cars they promote) are free from the hype and profiteering that sometimes affects portions of the hobby. So feel free to look into the interesting, modest, and overlooked Nash cars! The "road less traveled" can be relaxing!

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