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1958 water pump needed-alternatives?


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I need a water pump for my '58 Buick Super.

According to the parts book, engines prior to 456352 use part 1391812.

Engines after 456352 use part 1388399.

a 364 nailhead is a 364 nailhead isn't it?

I know my spare water pump for my '59 won't fit as it has a long snout, but any short snout water pump for a 364 should fit shouldn't it?

I've checked all the usual places, FLAPS, CARS, RockAuto. No luck.

Any advice?

If anyone has one available for sale, please email me!


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Guest Straight eight

Make sure you save the one you took off, and have it rebuilt and keep it as a spare. Reccomend Antique Parts Cellar. as a source of a proper rebuild.

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