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Need 1920-24 Kelsey friction drive rad emblem,new or repro. Leads?

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Please see the photo of a new or repro? 1920-24 Kelsey friction drive radiator emblem. I received this photo from the emblem collector in Ontario,who has written several books on the subject.. Unfortunately he will not say if it is new or repro,or if it is for sale. I need one like it,for my 1917 Kelsey friction drive protype rolling chassis. Would also like to buy the brass script that says "Kelsey" that attaches to the front of the radiator. This is the same company and inventor that made the 1910-12 three wheeled Kelsey Motorette car.Leads appreciated! George Albright,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com







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