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windshield wiper motor


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Im trying to figure out weather to keep the origenal vacuum system or change it out to a electric 6 volt system. Iv heard that the vacum system veries with the speed and that dosent sund all that safe/reliable. Aney one out there do a change over that could help me decide?

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I have done the change with a new motor from vintage ford, fairly easy swap, only thing I dont like is the is no automatic park when you shut them off. the speed control is hooked up to a variable resistor which is connected to the original switch so it all looks factory.

If you want to save some time and a lot of work disconnect the vacum inlet hose on the original wiper motor and put 2-3 drops of gear oil in it then move the wipers back and forth about 10 times, this will make the felts swell up and make a very good seal, hook the vacuum line back up and start the engine and turn the wipers on annd you will be surprised how well they work.

GrandFather told me the trick after I changed mine out so I did it to the old motor and hooked it up and it works as good if not better than new. What do you have to lose except for 10 minutes of your time and a few drops of gear oil.

Anything lighter wont make a good seal or last very long.

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Thanks for your input and insight. Ill try some gear oil and see how it will work .A little oil and time wont slow down my willingness to get this car on the road in safe working order.I plan to wse it two or three times a week. again thanks!

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