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Estimate value of 1972 Skylark Convertible


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I am considering selling my car and am trying to figure what it is worth. 1972 Buick Skylark Convertible. Excellent body especially for Illinois, no rust in rear quarters, door seams not swelled at all. Small rust on lower front fenders quarter size. Paint good but 15 yrs old. NEW suspension, stainless brake lines and all new springs and factory disc brakes. New tires, top fair. Completely rebuilt 70 Olds 455 engine, highest HP next to a 442 w-30, basically stock but with mild cam. Neat clean quiet installation no wires even cut. Mallory ignition, custom duals w/WZ manifolds. Positrac rear end. Quiet respectable smOOth power no butchering. What do you think my car is worth????? smile.gif" border="0

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In the June 2000 Old Car Price Guide the value of a stock condition #3 Skylark Custom Convertible is listed as $5600.00 - your car sounds like as good a candidate as any for a #3 ranking. Whether or not the engine modification affects the price one way or another depends upon the nature of the individual wanting to purchase the car. With the Olds engine the car might be more difficult to sell than it would have been with its original engine, even if that engine happened to be a Buick 350-2. I think it will take a fellow "gearhead" to appreciate what you've got there; the car needs to go to somebody who enjoys working on cars and understands the unique nature of your vehicle. This narrows the marketplace a bit.<P>Just my opinion...

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