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Help IDing car - 1941 Olds Convertible Coupe?

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The attached photo from 1947 shows an Italian actress named Alida Valli getting into a car. I am a film historian trying to identify the car. I THINK it is a 1941 Oldsmobile Convertible Coupe v6, because the wife of her producer owned one, and I think he gave it to Valli when his wife got a new car. BUT, I don't know for sure that the Olds was the car he gave her.

I know the picture doesn't show either the front or the tail, but can anyone confirm for me that this car IS (or even IS NOT) a 1941 Olds Convertible Coupe?

Please email me directly at lezardsouffle ("at") hotmail.com.




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That line on the fender makes it look like a '41 Ford. I don't think anyone else put a seam there like that did they? I had a '41 Ford once, but not long enough to remember much about it. I only had it for two days.

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The car in the photo is definitely a '41 or '42 Ford and not a '41 or '42 Mercury. In eye appearance the bright trim on the hood and fender of both looks the same. The dead for certain give away is the way the bottom sides of the top were secured to the vehicle. Look pretty much the same except that Mercury's had a bit of a lip at along that plane the Fords did not have.

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