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'63 Center Propeller Shaft


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I just went around and lubed all the grease fittings I could find--- and there were around 16 of them.

The question I have is about the center propeller shaft lube. I managed to get the front, center and rear u-joints, but in the shop manual it also talks about lubing the center shaft slip spline by removing the plug, lube, and then replace plug. However, I am not certain if this applied to the Riviera. The manual wasn't quite clear to me.

Could someone please clear up my confusion? If there is a plug, any idea where it is at?

I am doing this on jack stands, so there isn't much clearance and not very easy to see.

Thanks for your time!

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And, don't over grease this bearing, Chuck. Just two to three pumps with the hand grease gun. Also, my memory is that you don't grease this bearing with every chassis lube. Doesn't it have a longer time interval? I could be wrong on that. It should say on the lube chart in the '63 chassis shop manual. John

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On page 1-2, Illustration 1-1 Chassis Lubricare Chart Series 4400-4600-4700-4800, The PROPELLER SHAFT SLIP SPLINE shows applications for all series, but the C/V JOINT BALL & SEAT shows applications for only the 4400, 4600, and 4800.

For the propeller shaft slip spine say "remove plug, lubricate, replace plug 12,000 miles" with -EP-. In the key, EP is for a multi purpose grease EP grade #1.

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