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new tow pickup

jack gto

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Looking to get new truck to haul my 24' enclosed trailer total weight about 8500 lb with car. I know deisl is the best but would like to stay with gas.Will get pickup. Now I use my work van 2500 gmc but with work tools the load seems to much and I,m right at my max towing with out tools . I read back awhile ago that they where coming out in 2011 with a pick out with special tow package but forgot the make . Any help Thanks Jack

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We are very happy with our 3/4 GMC Sierra, 2000 with the 6.0. I pull better than 8500# behind it once in awhile. It does well with a hitch rated and adjusted for the load.

I would not settle for anything lighter than a 3/4 ton and don't buy the smallest engine available. A few extra horses go a long way. If your GMC work truck has served you well stick with what you had good luck with.

Now the diesel fans will kick in and tell you noting but diesel!

Maybe they can help with the extra thousands it adds to the price.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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