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Seen this? How GM lost its MoJo


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I disagree. The 80s were a last gasp of individuality coupled with a loss of sales understanding of the real world.

They forgot the emotion behind "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday". People need to be excited about their cars even if its a Vega.

It was brilliant individuals who made GM, David Dunbar, Charlie Durant, Boss Kettering, Harley Earl, Bunkie sr and jr., John Z and they were born before The Big One. Unfortunately the postwar years rewarded mediocraty. We were building warplanes with a warrenty (& almost lost my job at GD over that).

The fact is that the only place you were rewarded for being a maverick in the eighties and ninties was in computers, cars were passe.

Did know the end was nigh when gas prices were spiking and Wagoneer insisted on continuing big cars and trucks because the profit was higher. Can you tell he was once the CFO ?

Not saying you do not need someone to control the finances just that the quickest way to ruin a company, any company, is to put the CFO in charge. You need a visionary in the lead or the view will never change.

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