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What causes condensation on my intake manifold

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Usually a refigeration effect when fast flowing air carrying fuel comes into contact with warm metal (same as a cold beer on a hot day). Often seen as carburettor ice when it passes around the throttle valve whilst the engine is cold, most noticeable on cool humid mornings. Modern fuels seem to exagerate the problem, usually disappears when the engine warms up.

Rough idle or stalling engine whilst cold is a good indicator, have a close look around the carb base and often you will see a ring of ice or touch the metal and it will be ice cold. Exhaust manifold heater valve should prevent this if fitted and operational, other than that perhaps a change of fuel type or warm up the carb base with her hair drier ??

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I agree it is carburettor icing. I problem I also have on my 28 Alfa-Romeo. Although I love the analogy to beer !!!

Does the Buick have any sort of arrangement to draw warmer air from the exhaust manifold? That is usually the solution, or if it not getting fully warm, consider a radiator blanket.


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