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Big Jake

1960-61 GMC Hood Ornament

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On another forum, there is a section on verified facts surrounding our 60-66 GMC trucks. The information below on the Hood Ornaments is posted to help other members try and sort out misnomers and incorrect information. First let me say these two style ornamnets have got to be in the top 2-3% rarest one ever produced, there are incredibly hard to find in usable condition, If you have one you are holding real money in your hand.

There are 2 ornaments that are similar the 55-59 Jet with a sharp and pointed nose and the 1960-61 blunted nose version. The second set of pictures show the more rare 1960-1961 GMC ornament. These were producted to go woth the new GMC V-6 model engine.

The first picture is the 55-59 "Pointed Nose" Jet. Notice the verticle pod intakes.


This next picture shows the 1960-61 "Snub Nost" Jet, notice the horizontal pod intakes. This was purchased off eBay for $380.00 and still needed plating. The ornament was ONLY producted for 2 yrs. to fit the 1960-61 hood.


This next picture is the repaired and plated Ornament.


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