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Help, I need R-1 valvecovers and valley plate

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I am detailing my '63 R-1 Avanti and need a little help. I am only doing a cosmetic detail as the car ran great. This means no head pulling, etc.

I sent the valve covers and valley plate out for plate a while ago and they came back beautiful!. Now that I am ready to clean/prep the block for I need to cover those areas of the block to keep crap, cleaners, etc. out of the interior of the block. BUT I don't want to use my nice shiny new pieces!!

SO I am looking for an extra set of parts to bolt on temporarily for the block work. As long as they are not rusted thru and are very reasonable priced I would be interested. A loaner or rent set would be good too. It is a stock R-1 289 engine.

Thanks in advance- Bill

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