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Help 1991 thermostat o-ring ...confusing


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Happy Sunday folks,,,

In the Red FSM for the 1991 the script is again confusing. I have a coolant leak at the thermostat housing so I went to advance yesterday. I purchased a 180* thermostat, and what the Advance Store's computer called for as seals - which was one O-ring, and 1 flat gasket with two holes (The '91 thermostat housing actually has a normal two bolt retaining system).

The Red FSM on page 6B-11 calles for two O-rings....please, does anyone know the proper repair/replacement procedure (what type and how many seals and or gaskets please)?



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Never looked at the the FSM, 92 TranSport (same engine as 91) just uses a conventional gasket instead of an O-ring. If you have a seal it is to prevent coolant from flowing past the thermostat in the manifold bore.

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