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1968 Electra 225 for sale


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**Here is an ad from the bulletin board at work. It is located in Kokomo, In. I know nothing about this car. I don't even know the owner, I just thought I would pass this on in case anyone is interested. baking**<P>Electra 225 for sale<BR>1968, 4 door, 455 cu in, full power, 58k original miles.<BR>Needs work and some $ to put it back on the road, but it would be worth<BR>it if you like these cars. Just the engine itself is worth the price.<P>First $ 500.00 takes it home!<P>Call 765-452-7534<BR>Call 765-451-0078<BR>Call 765-457-3349<BR>or email at:<BR>r.colin.craig@delphiauto.com

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