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1956 Chrysler Plainsman Concept for sale

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This came to me through the WPC Club Email-

Ian. If interested do not reply here but contact throug the email link below

My 1956 Chrysler Plainsman Station Wagon Idea Car

concept is consigned with Mecum auctions for their Monterey sale on Saturday

August 14th. This should be of interest to WPC members coming in for the events

at Pebble. . Thank you. Ed Jasinski 650-349-7244. ed5000@earthlink.net

This station wagon is also the only wagon concept from any American manufacturer through the 50s and 60’ period that is known to exist.

Introduced at the 1956 Chicago Auto Show, Corporate Styling Director Virgil M. Exner declared his alluring bronze metallic Plainsman Wagon concept to reflect “the colorful and casual way of life that typifies the nation’s westward movement, and is a bold expression of the suburban trend in American living.”

Reddish-brown and white calf-hide upholstery and natural leathers interior. Bright gold colored Texas Longhorn body medallions. Modern padded white fabric top. Power windows and a fully automated tailgate and window. Concealed gas filler inlet, hidden from view within the retracting taillight.

New features such as the rear facing “observation car” third seat, fully automated to rise into position or retract again in tandem with motorized stair steps crafted to slide in and out of the bumper.

Climate controlled interior.

The industry’s first hidden spare tire compartmentalized behind the rear wheel.

Corporate executive directed upgrade to 413 C.I. power.

Some history:

In line with a corporate policy to divest of its Italian-built experimental cars for tax purposes, Chrylser gifted this show car to the President of all the Cuban Banks. But it wasn’t long before Chrysler’s international export manager who resided in Cuba with his family, found it necessary to step in and secure the car from undetermined fate following the sudden death of that bank president. Soon after, the executive and his family escaped with the Plainsman to the States as the situation in Castro’s Cuba became very grim. As the family of the Chrysler corporate executive stationed themselves throughout the world, the Plainsman stayed with them. Even to Australia where it was once converted to right hand drive.

The car remained with the executive’s family for all of many years until it was eventually relinquished to a celebrated concept collection in the mid-west. And for just the last few years, preservation of the car has been the responsibility of another like-minded car lover.





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I am a wagon fan but...I guess this car is one that would have to be seen in person...the pictures are not flattering at all..what a decent dash layout only to be totally destroyed by the plain jane seat....guess being factory employed as the owner gives any modification the automatic approval of the mother company and deemed correct...would have to see some original engineering drawings of the proposed upgrade before buying the entire story..else its just a retrofit engine

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What a lot of negativity!!

Hey guys, lighten up...this is a one off!

At least give it THAT status!

Ugly, maybe, but still a one off!

I am sure a lot of period employees worked their a$$e$ off to get this thing to period shows.

And remember, you are looking at it today, just how did it look back in the mid-fifties??

Probably a lot different than now!!

Cheers, Mike

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