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Carter BB1 starting problems

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Looking for any helpful suggestions. I had my stromberg U2 carb replaced a few years ago with a rebuilt carter bb1. Since then, I would barely touch the starter pedal and she would fire up immediately. Recently, it has been really hard to start. When choked, gas drips from the carb so I know it's getting there. after a lot of cranking and waiting she finally starts and then runs flawlessly. it's getting her to fire up when she cold.

I do have a Kingston natural gravity canister. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.


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With any starting problem, in order:

(1) Compression test

(2) Ignition system test

(3) Fuel system test

The purpose of each test (in order) is to eliminate the most likely cause of the issue. Your issue may be carburetion; but much less likely than the others.


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