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red/black 1990 16valve found on craigslist

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Maserati TC 16V 5 Speed Trans.

I'm thinking this may be the 16valve I saw at a mechanic shop in Roubidoux that was missing the trunk reflector. I don't know anything about the car but found it listed for sale on the Inland Empire California craigslist site. I will post the rest of the ad below in case it disappears from the site. There is a line in the ad that is a little questionable, and the price in the title is $5500.

Chrysler only made 501 of these 2.2L, Turbocharged, Intercooled, Dual Overhead Cam, Fuel Injected, 5 Speed Manual Transmission Maserati TC convertibles. This one is a 1990 year model and is Red with a black interior. It has AC (inop), 4 wheel power disc brakes, power windows, power seats, removable hard top, power steering, and a driver’s side air bag. The odometer shows 77K miles but quit working while the vehicle was in the shop waiting for a new turbocharger to be installed. It is located in Riverside California, and can be checked out during the week in the evenings or during the weekend during the daytime. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have or to ask for additional pictures. The price is negotiable, depending on how you look in a jockstrap. Please put “Maserati TC” in the subject line of any inquires, or they go right into the trash. I am selling this vehicle due to being hit from behind by an out of control Honda while walking on the sidewalk in Las Vegas. My left leg has lots of titanium in it and gets tired pushing the clutch in traffic.


  • <!-- CLTAG GeographicArea=Riverside -->Location: Riverside

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looks like a deal for somebody

How do you look in a JOCKSTRAP Tom? It could be a *really* good deal for you:p

Major sun damage, leaks oil from everywhere, and the insides of the front tires are worn. My TC compadre looked at it last year when it was residing in Newport Beach. Tragic and sad story about the Vegas accident but advertising for a new domestic partner in a FS add is really tasteless IMO:mad:. Needs major work for sure


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