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Wedding and JC Taylor Insurance - GOOD NEWS!

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I know a fellow who will carry the Bride & Groom from the Church to the reception for a charitable contribution. He asks the family make a check payable to the (Charity if his choice) for $200.00. Payer gets a write off and the new couple gets a ride, car owner gets to show off his car and do some good for charity.

Sound good?

I'm astounded by all these schemes to skirt the simple rules folks agreed to when they bought their insurance coverage.

Here's scenario to consider. You finagle some financial reward for the use of your 1957 Zipmobile and everything goes well. A year later, with no paying passengers, an old tired brake line in your aforementioned Zipmoble splits and you plow into a station wagon full of kids incuring about a gazillion dollars of liability.

Now both your car and personal liability carriers are on the hook for a gazillion dollars. Not wanting to pony up a gazillion dollars they hire an investigator to just "check around". Your neighbor casually mentions that you sometimes donate your car for weddings etc. A bit of sniffing around uncovers what the insurance companies say is "commercial use". They say " you obtained your policy under fraud, sorry you are not covered, you owe a gazillion dollars". You say "yes I am covered that was meerly a contribution". They say "so go hire yourself a lawyer or two or three and sue us. We have a building full of laywers that do this all day long and they do it very well."

But you did get to pocket $50 by being "oh so clever" in skirting a perfectly clear condition of use. That wil buy the first 15 minutes of your lawyers time......Bob

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there is a difference between being aware and living your life afraid of ambulance chasers. Be smart and be honest.

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