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Clarkin's Accessories Ltd, London

Phil Knapp

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Have any of you UK guys had any dealings with these folks?

I've been looking for some Columbia axle parts for quite some time. I placed a "wanted" ad on the LZOC website and have received at least a dozen responses from the UK, all offering to sell me the parts they have "on hand".

I ALWAYS request pictures of the parts I need and so far, all the responses (if any) have been excuses as to why they can't attach pictures. One guy actually sent me back a picture from an ebay item (in Oregon) that I had already seen, claiming it to be in his inventory (in London)!

The Ford Barn has warnings regarding "too good to be true" deals from scammers in the UK.

The latest response is from "Clarkins Accessories Ltd." in London. They actually attached a nice photo of the part I need, and we have come up with an agreeable price. I looked them up on Google, and they seem to be legitimate.

My question now becomes: Should I go ahead with the deal, or should I back off?

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OK, lets be logical...cant find parts in us, but some guy in uk has exactly what u need??

lots of offers?? If it sounds too good to be true.............. I would be very very careful, But no way would I trust this guy unless C spong said ok...dont take a chance..I am a trusting soul..but not a sucker...see ford barn search uk parts offers.....

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Update: The seller experienced "technical difficulties" attaching a photo of the BACK side of the part I requested, which leads me to believe (as I suspected) that he doesn't have that part after all.

Colin Spong lives nearby this company and will check it out next week. I would LOVE to see the guy's face (if indeed, he really does exist) when Colin confronts him! We "colonizers" aren't supposd to know anybody across the pond!

More later....


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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, I just received this response from Colin Spong regarding my search for the Columbia part.


As we suspected the thing is a total scam. I spoke with Steve Vallence who is either the manager or owner of Clarkins and they have had several reported instances of scams a few weeks ago. I have given him copies of all the documents and he is reporting it to the Police, not that they seem to be able to do very much. The previous scam a few weeks ago involved a car enthusiast in Australia who advertised for a couple of engines and your man replied with photographs. The Australian sent him the money but, of course, the engines did not arrive. He called Clarkins to ask where the engines were and was told the bad news that he has lost his money. The scammer at that time was in Nigeria. It very much upsets me that these low life scum use the UK and pose as British for their criminal activities.

Keep on looking for the parts !!!!



PS. I did NOT send any money!

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