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Just in case there are a few Mopar Generalists frequenting these hallowed DB halls...here's the link to the listing of my grandmother's 1952 DeSoto.

DeSoto: eBay Motors (item 280530879533 end time Jul-16-10 10:30:46 PDT)

I would, of course, prefer to see her go to a purist hungry to restore it to its former magnificence!

(I know you'll appreciate seeing the pic of my 32 DL pushing the non-running DeSoto while my wife struggles with its non-power steering.)


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Phil, That is some of the nicest looking woodgrain that I've seen. The car deserves to be well cared for. Hope you find an honorable buyer. Too bad you can't keep it in the family--I still regret turning down my Grandmother's '47 Chev Areosedan because it was "too new--no running boards." and it was not anywhere as nice as yours.

David D.

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Gee...for a moment I thought you were interested in the DeSoto...which is still for sale, by the way. I've had a bunch of "parter-outers" looking to buy her cheap but I'm holding out for a restorer. I've lowered the price to $3,000 if anyone's interested.

Nick...I'd love to see some more pics of your '32. Please send them to me at Graphic.Images(at)cox.net.

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Well...persistence FINALLY paid off! Today I finally got the Hemi to turn over!

In case this is helpful to anyone trying to free up a stuck engine: I had sprayed WD40 into the cylinders a year ago, but today I poured PB Blaster down the spark plug ports, and let it soak for 10 minutes. Meanwhile I put a mark on the crankshaft pulley next to the timing arrow on the block. Then I put a socket wrench on the generator pulley nut and pushed and pulled. At first...nada. Then I saw the mark had moved a fraction of an inch. Gradually, it moved more and more until it was moving quite freely. (Make sure you plug the ports with rags or paper towels...I got gushers of PBB on several up-strokes!)

At that point I poured some 10W non-detergent oil and a little MMO (for good luck) down into the cylinders. Now she spins easily.

Next step: new plugs (found a MIP set of 10 on eBay for $16!), clean the distributor parts, change the oil and coolant, disconnect the fuel line and rig up a gravity gas feed. I don't trust what's been fermenting in the tank the last 40 years!

Who knows...in a couple of weeks I may have this beast fired up!

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