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'49 Super Sedanette project

Guest Kelsey

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Guest Kelsey

Hello,<P>I have got basically 2 of everything! (except rear fenders) for my '49 Super Sedanette project.It has the DynaFlow tranny, Both the engine and tranny are out of the car. I have been VERY actively seeking parts (and parts cars, got one of those too) for 4 years for this project. So, I have everything I need to restore this car but the TIME! The car was driveable, with new brake system, waterpump, and fuel pump before I decided to take it apart for a complete restoration. So, it has been waiting for 4 years now and I just have to face the fact that I don't have the time to finish what I started.<P>Without going into too much detail, the car is a 1 owner (I am the second) which has 46,000 original miles before it was parked for 25 years or so. It needs a complete restoration (interior, minor body work, re-chroming) You know, the whole deal! But what fellow '49 collectors know is that finding parts for this car is quite a job! Well, I have done 99% of the parts collecting, like I said, I basically have 2 of everything, and could, if I had the time, begin restoration.<BR>So, I have decided to see if any other '49 fan would like to finish the ole' girl and buy this project (all of it). I am not really interested in parting out the car because, if nobody buys her, I WILL, someday, finish her!!<BR>The car in located in Northern Utah.<BR>I am embarrassed to tell you what I have invested , in $$ alone. I really love this car!!!<BR>Anyway, I am thinking $4,000 for the whole deal. <BR>If anybody is interested, please contact me by email at kelsey204@home.com or call me at 801-399-9866

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