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old salvage yards any in western IL or eastern iowa


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Guest 4 bufords

glad your'e able to get out and about greg.your last email said you would not be going to ames this month. good luck ,4 bufords from ct aka don

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i am taking a crap load of antibiotic and feeling better, i might just go yet,

the ears stoped bleeding and i am starting to get some hearing back again, the doc said i might need hearing aids but what the heck, sooner or later, might as well be now

i have lime desiese it was it is, got it from a tick when i went to canada, this is the second time i got it and second time from canada

must be some bad ju, ju going on

talk later


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Most of the nicer old car specific yards are gone. There are a few that remain but they are not the type where owners let interested old car oflk walk through. I am speaking of Iowa.

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