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Consider starting a non-geographic aaca region for micro and mini cars?

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Guest Jim Janecek

Who would be responsible for it?

What services would it offer outside the AACA club?

Are you talking about some sort of Internet-base "club"? If so, let me tell you that the people that are talking microcars are basically on a few Yahoo groups helping each other and they don't really need any formal "club" to do that. It has worked out pretty well.

What void does it fill that The Vintage Microcar Club does not already cover?

The Vintage Microcar Club exists to keep people in touch and informed on vintage sub 1000cc vehicles. Anything over that engine size probably has a single marque club (Metropolitans, any number of 1275-1500cc British cars..etc)

I don't expect to keep The Vintage Microcar Club going forever. So what does the AACA have to bring to this part of the hobby? These cars have been ignored and neglected for many many years.

I was contacted about interest in starting a Microcar CLASS in the AACA recently. I'm not sure what prompted this,I was happy to hear it though.

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