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crank sensor replacement


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Guest jcc3inc


On my '91 the right front wheel is removed, fan belt removed, vibration damper/pulley removed using a puller, then crank position sensor replaced. Inspect the backside of the damper to see that the fins are not bent. Position of the sensor carefully so that it does not contact the fins as the pulley rotates, and tighten down the screw holding the sensor in place. (I failed to do this and had to buy a second sensor.)

I understand that on 88-90 the front pulley does not need a wheel puller.

I have no experience with the ignition module yet!


Jack C.

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That one nut is a lot easier if you remove the big ground wire under it first. I usually leave it off on my cars.

Personally I do not care for Magnavox ignitions & all of mine have Delcos.

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