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Ford flatheads: 59A, 81A, 81T series

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Three Ford flathead engines for sale in metro Detroit (Taylor - zip: 48180)

All are 24-stud, center-flow heads. One is a 59A series (turns free - and a little oily), the other 2 are 81A and 81T and are visibly "dry" from long term storage. The 81A and 81T do not turn with a pipe wrench.

Asking $500 for the 59A

$200 ea for the 81A and 81T.

All are nearly complete from intake to pan. 1 still has carb mounted (the 81A I think), and 1 is missing a water pump (81T if I recall correctly), but other than that - they're all there.

Please email me as I do not visit the forum often, but will try to check in at least once a week as long as engines are still for sale. Will post when they have been SOLD, so unless so stated - YES - THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE!

email me at jimnap "at" voyager "dot" net.



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