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New wheels. Well not really.


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Looks like the Halibrand wheels that the guys used to run at Bonneville. If you ever consider repainting them, think about painting the centers the same color as the body.

We're expecting to see this car in Branson next year; just down the road from you.


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They look like they are magnesium. Pretty cool. Where did you get the Buick logo knockoff caps? Are those 1" whitewalls...like a P225/75 R15? PRL

The knockoffs are just some spin on center caps I had. I ordered the buick stickers off of E-bay. Still waiting on the lowering springs. I ordered thwm 2 weeks ago. The tires are 1" white walls. And Ed I the Riv meet will be a blast. I won't know if I can go until after March 1 next year. Seniority rules at the job.

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