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Generator/distribuitor Buick 1932

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Guest prs519


Dare I say starter/generator, instead? I may have it wrong but I believe that is the

way of it., Do you have a part number. I believe I have one, but the distributor as I

recall is unserviceable as it it. Anyway, I will take a look. I sold one to a gentleman

in Germany awhile back, and as I recall the # was Delco Remy 924 S or something close to

that. Not a real easy thing to find, so let me know if you are interested, etc. In the meantime

I will find it and see what it amounts to.l

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You have it right. It is a generator with a distributor combination. The generators(940T1) are the same for all series (50,60,80,90) however the distributor are different. Here are the part numbers for the various distributors you are seeking: 50 Series (660L), 60 Series (662B),

80 Series (662B) and 90 Series (662B).

What model 32 Buick are you restoring?


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Hi I don`t know the model.

But i don`t is very important, because i will restore a car tipe racer.

Not original.

I don`t have the generator/distribuitor, if your can be use in my engine, don`t worry for the model.

Thank you very much.

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Guest prs519

Well happy to say Buick 32 cleared it up for my sake and yours, Jorge! I had

not so very long ago sold a starter distributor combination (1930), and did not realzie

the change in the situation


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