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Printable list for Louisville - Who will be there/where will they be.

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Louisville List – Who is going and where they can be found.

Bond, Terry and Susan Arriving - ? Staying - At the Crowne Plaza. We plan to be at all the functions. Of course our Board of Directors meeting and a couple of other committee meetings will keep me occupied a bit, but my intention is to be out and about with everyone.

Burgess, Wayne and Gloria Arriving - Wednesday evening. Staying – At the Crowne Plaza. Will have our touring '56 Chevy, noted so by all of the AACA Touring stickers on its many windows. ’56 Chevy will be in DPC class. I will be judging. Haven't met an AACA member I haven't liked so look me up.

charlier Due to a medical situation with my Mother that happened on Sunday I will be unable to attend the Louisville event.

Corvette Bill Arriving – Thursday. Staying - at the Crowne Plaza. I will be bringing a yellow 1980 corvette I normally show in class 30c but I am suppose to be part of a special display for the 75th Anniversary with the car going on display Friday afternoon so I am not sure if it will stay in that display or go to its normal class. I would like to meet members of the Forum during the show or Banquet.

ex98thdrill/Pat ThorpeArriving – Night of June 30th. Staying – Sleep Inn (4/10ths of a mile from the Expo Center). My parents and I are going. Steph has decided to stay at home. We're bringing the '37 Plymouth pickup, class 22-B. And I will be judging (Hopefully fire trucks.)

42cady/Coble, Larry and Elizabeth Arriving - We hope to arrive on Wednesday afternoon.. Staying - At the Crowne Plaza. I am showing our 1956 Ford pickup in class 22-C. Hope to meet all of you.

Giles, Bob and Patti - Arriving - Wednesday. Staying - At Crown Plaza. Showing our 1963 Divco milk truck

Heald, Steve and Pamela Arriving – Wednesday afternoon.[/FONT] Staying - At the Crowne Plaza. Look us up in class 9b with the car that put us on the map, our '12 Maxwell. We'll be in our trademark period clothing as well.

Hinson, MC (Matt)Arriving - On Wednesday. Staying - I will be in the Motorhome Parking in a 2004 Itasca Spirit Class C Motorhome pulling a White 20 foot Lark Brand car hauler trailer. Feel free to stop by anytime. I will be doing local tours in a Green 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton. I will be judging and my car will be in Class 21A. So, if you see anybody in a Green 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton with a North Carolina license plate, stop by and introduce yourself.

huptoy/Dwyer, Claire and JackArriving - Close to noon Wednesday. Staying - At the Crowne Plaza Hotel .Will be driving our 1931 Hupmobile towing a 1937 Mullins trailer. We are newbie’s as this is our first national meet. We plan to tour during the week and show in the driver participation class Saturday. Looking forward to meeting people and picking up tips on touring and maintenance.

Linden, Bill and Susan Arriving – Friday. Staying - In an RV park. We are both judging on Saturday.

MsmazcolArriving - On Thursday.. Staying - At the Crowne Plaza. You can't miss my trailer. We will be bringing our 69 442 special for Steve M. the Olds fan. It will be in the HPOF class. Can't wait.

novaman/David Devine - Arriving - Thursday afternoon. Staying - ? Dad (Ron) and I plan on touring Friday. 1963 Chevrolet chevy ii 400 nova 4drsd in HPOF. Leaving after awards. We will both be judging.

Peterson, West Arriving - Wednesday morning. Staying – Crowne Plaza . Will hopefully be touring on Thursday and Friday. The 1940 Packard will be in the HPOF class.

pritchett, bill - Arriving - ? Staying – At the Hampton Inn. My wife and I will be arriving in our 68 Malibu. The Malibu will be in the DPC class.

progoofoff - Arriving - ? Staying - ? Showing 1954 Buick in class 35A

real61ss/Tommy NolenArriving –Wednesday afternoon. Staying – At the Crowne Plaza. My wife and I will both be there. She will be judging on Saturday. I will be bringing my '61 Impala SS for the Special Display area that was mentioned in an earlier post. The '61 will be trailered (White Ford Dually with a white Fifth wheel trailer and my wife Debbie plans to follow me driving our '62 Corvette. We will use the Corvette for the tours. We entered the Corvette in the DPC class on Saturday . We are really looking forward to this meet.

Restorer32/Jeff Hammers - Arriving - Friday. Staying - The Crowne Plaza Judging but not showing.

Roth, Marty and DaleArriving – Tuesday. Staying - At the Crowne Plaza. The wedged and sloped nose white trailer with Louisiana tag will be in the trailer area. The 1930 Packard 733 7-Passenger Phaeton will be in Class 19-A. We will do the Tours in a modern vehicle. Looking forward to visiting with y'all -- especially Bill & Susan, Matt, Mark, Darrin, Terry & Susan

supersix/Larry - Arriving - Friday Staying - At the Crowne Plaza and showing our Hudson in class 27A.

TG57Roadmaster - Arriving – Thursday. Staying – At the Residence Inn, two hotels down from the Crowne Plaza on Phillips Lane. I'll be showing the '56 Lincoln Premiere in Class 27B. Dave Bowman will be with me, and I'll try to ID myself as a DF'er for the Banquet, as well.

unimogjohn/Feser, John and Alice Arriving - Wednesday PM, hopefully around 6. Staying - At the Springhill Suites We will be there in our almost done 1923 McLaughlin Buick model 45 Special Export (one of two known to exist). Stop by and say hi. Going to have the 23 judged, class 17b to establish a baseline and to document what the judges say must be done to complete the car.

zulaytr/Speights, Bob and Sherry Arriving – Thursday. Staying - Hilton Garden. We will be showing our 1972 Datsun 240Z in class 25E.

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If anyone would like the Word version of this, complete with photos, sent to them send me your e-mail by PM and I will forward a copy to you. I already sent a copy to Marty Roth so I know it will work.

I can't seem to get the photos to go with the folks names/info. They all show up at the bottom. :rolleyes:

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