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Help identify... velie?

Peter Gariepy

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I posted my comments under the photo in the gallery as well as the original post elsewhere.

I thought Velie, but I think they used 10 spoke front wheels in the 1911-12 era (like this photo).

The car in the photo has 1 hub bolt per spoke-a characteristic of Overlands. It also looks like an oval radiator emblem. I am pretty sure it is an Overland. But, I could be wrong.



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Guest prs519

Sorry to break thread, but what I would not give to time travel back and spend

a day talking to the old timer (standing). Thanks for the pic.

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Say Sonny, You wants a little drink aforn we talks. Let me tells y'all bout my mules.... I've know a few like him though the years. Some of them mountian folk had a language all there own. ;) Dandy Dave!

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