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hi there...now that I changed EVERYTHING, including a new throttle body with IAS and TPS, the tc still acts up after 5 minutes of driving...so it could only be the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel pump.

there are pumps on ebay for 65 bucks but it says they are for a 91 tc...

does not make sense since they would fit the gas tank ( its the exact same gas tank for all years...) are the fittings different?

would I have to drop the tank or can I just leave it on while switching the pump?

can I use another fuel pressure regulator???

advice please...

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I don't know if there are differences in the fuel pump or pressure regulator between the 2.2 and the V6, however, the service manual claims that the fuel tank needs to be removed to change the fuel pump. I haven't had the experience yet. Good Luck!

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Please buy from people who support the Chrysler 2.2turbo community.

Here is a link to the proper fuel pump. Also since you have the tank down--replace the rotted rubber fuel tube that leads from the filler neck to the tank AND the rubber tank donut.


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