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40s-late 50's Buick in Memphis for Wedding

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New to the forum, but was born and raised in the BCA. I moved to Memphis, TN about 3 years ago, but was forced to keep my Buicks stored in Michigan.

I am getting married in October, and would like nothing more than to be in a Buick for the ride from the church to our reception (about 1 mile away).

Does anyone have or know of a 1940's - late 1950's Buick in the Memphis area that we could ride in (owner chauffeured) to our reception.

We are willing to pay a fee for the use of the car.

Buicks have always been a part of my life and this is another time where it would be great to include a Buick.

Limo's just don't have the same effect.

Thanks for your help!!!

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