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Mssr. Bwatoe

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I don't know about the steel line with special 86h hoses for a Columbia axle, but here's the correct Columbia vacuum adaptor for Lincolns.

I used a generic auto parts store rubber vacuum hose. This isn't a "show car" and I don't expect to win any trophies with it. The car itself is the only trophy I need!

Ford used a plate under the carburetor but, as usual, Lincolns were different.

Let's see a picture of what you have...



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Guest Jim Zephyr

Ok Jeff, here is what you might be talking about - the book lists the connecting

hose for the two-speed as 86H-4091 in 17 inch lengths - 2 to 7 of these required. I found a pair of these 17" hoses with the correct part number - see photos below - red rubber! Why it's still soft and plyable, I will never know.

Does anyone know anything further on this red hose? always imagined that it would be black.

On a related note - see photo of my rebuilt two speed controls. Thought

the bracket and steel parts are to be painted S2 black - let me know what's

correct if anyone knows....




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While I was rummaging around in my old photos, I came across these pictures I took of my 1941 Zephyr Convertible project car. The car originally had a Columbia (long gone now) and very few of the accoutrements remain.

It wouild appear that the original Columbia vacuum hoses were really RED!

I suspect that the original routing of the steel tubing is still visible.




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Guest Jim Zephyr

That's great Phil! - thank you for the feedback on the red hose. I had an original unrestored 41

Lincoln Custom that had a two-speed rear and I didnt take pictures but it seems I recall a smooth red hose on it - at the time you just dont give much weight to those kinds of things.

But the finding of the NOS hose clearly points in that direction. Spoke with a learned Early Ford V-8 Judge and he thinks Ford used the nicer red hose on the Lincolns and black hose on the Fords and Mercurys? - thinks it might be some kind of aviation grade hose. Its definetely made for a vacuum application. Also I note that the book does not call for clamps of any kind.

Do you agree with that?

Can you confirm that the vacuum control/canister mounted on the axle gets painted black?

Also that the bracket that mounts on the steering box and other parts of the controls are black? Thought I noticed yours painted on your 39 - thanks!

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